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Mini Self-Balancing 2WD Robot Chassis with N20 Encoder Motors

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Build your own mini Self-Balancing Robotic Vehicle using our self-balancing robot chassis. With the fiberglass plate and 2 N20 gear motors with encoders, you can create the perfect project to demonstrate your critical thinking and programming skills.

  • Fiberglass chassis - perfectly balanced
  • Offers a great base for high-precision mini self-balancing robot
  • N20 DC Gear Encoder Motor: 
    • 6V / 500 RPM 
    • <170 mA
    • 60 pulses per turn = motor tail Hall encoder (2CPR) * 30 (reduction ratio)
    • 15cm long harness
  • Tire: 42mm Diameter, Rubber Tread Material with plastic wheels
  • Weight: ~ 100 grams
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