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Robotics Kits & Chassis

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This kit includes dual 5mm thick acrylic sheets with four high torque encoder gear motors and mecanum wheels. The chassis provides enough space to add sensors like LiDAR or camera for computer vis...
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This 4" circular dual-layer 2-Wheel drive metal chassis is best suited for building small agile robots and enable speedy deployment. The caster wheel and large wheels offer a stable platform for so...
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8" circular dual-layer 2-Wheel drive acrylic chassis is best suited for building fast robots and enable speedy development. The caster wheel and large wheels offer a stable platform for sophisticat...
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This Aluminium Crawler Chassis is a design that comes with two powerful motors for driving the robot. This chassis is designed for a load of 5 Kgs, tracks are made of engineering plastic, with alum...
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This robot chassis kit is a good platform for electronic enthusiasts or beginners to add microcontroller (such as Arduino/Raspberry pi) and modules to build their own robot car. It features 4-Wheel...
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JetBot ROS AI Robot NVIDIA Official Partner Product JetBot AI Kit Professional Version This is a high-performance AI Jetbot for people who learn and develop the ROS system. It adopts the ROS syst...
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