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Robot Arms

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Metal alloy mechanical arm with 6 Degree Of Freedom. The kit is delivered in a simple carton. The subassemblies are packaged in separate bags. The structural elements of the robotic arm are made by...
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This is an all-metal mechanical claw kit, which can be controlled by the MG996R, the assembly process is relatively simple. With extended clamp design, the Robot Arm Paw provides excellent grip for...
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This is a 4dof metal manipulator with a powerful MG996 metal gear servo motor. The robotic arm has claws. Each steering gear can move 180 degrees and the angle of motion is relatively large. Single...
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This metal claw with MG99R servo, is perfect for handling rigorous tasks. Weighing only 60 grams, and maximum angular spacing of 50mm (5 cm), you can use this for a wide variety of applications. Sp...
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Product Description: This is a classic 4 degree of freedom machine that has been around for a long time abroad and is inspired by industrial robotic arms. The kit is suitable for use in the maker s...
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This is a 3-axis palletizing mechanical arm with a vacuum pump that is ideal for pick and place applications. With 3x 20 Kg servos, this robot can easily move up to 500 grams of objects which has a...