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1.3 Inch TFT LCD Screen Display Module

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    • GND: power supply
    • VCC: DC 3.3-5V
    • SCL: SPI Clock Cable
    • SDA:SPI Data Cable
    • RES: Reset
    • DC: SPI Choice/ Command Choice
    • BLK:Backlight control, default floating, low level off
    The TFT display provides a semiconductor switch for each pixel and each pixel is directly controlled by pulse. Therefore, each node is relatively independent and can be continuously controlled, which not only improves the response speed of the display, but also can be accurately controlled. The color level is displayed to make the TFT LCD color more realistic, the brightness is good, the contrast is high, the layering is strong and the color is bright.
    • Viewing direction: IPS
    • LCD Size: 1.3 inch
    • Resolution: 240*240 ( There are two display way: horizontal display and vertical display, you can adjust the display direction. )
    • Interface: SPI Interface, 7PIN
    • Color: TFT Full Color
    • IC Driver: ST7789
    • Working temperature: -20-70℃
    • Working Voltage: 3.3V
    • Display area Size: 23.4*23.4mm
    • TFT Module Size: 27.78* 39.22mm




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