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LiPo/Li-ion Battery checker

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This Lipo Low Voltage Alarm can be used to get the voltage from a lipo battery. It connects to the lipo battery's balance plug and outputs the voltage of the induvidual cells and the total voltage of the battery pack. It also has an onboard alarm that beeps when the battery voltage gets low. Use this alarm to stop draining the lipo battery completely and this increases battery life and preserves the battery performance.

The alarm is small and light specifically designed for use in quadcopters and mulitrotors. A loud alarm will sound with flashing LED if the voltage on any of the individual cell drops below the adjustable threshold. 

We highly recommend using a LiPo Low Voltage Alarm all the time while using a Lithium Polymer Battery. Since if the voltage of any of the cells of a Lithium Polymer Battery drops below 3 volts, then that particular cell can be permanently damaged.

  1. New and high quality.
  2. Use for Lipo / Li-ion / LiMn / li-fe 1-8 s
  3. Precision voltage detection: + _ v.
  4. Display voltage range of the unit: 0.5-V
  5. Total voltage display range: 0.5 36 V
  6. 1 s voltage range s test mode: 4-15 V
  7. Low voltage alarm mode for 2-8 s
  8. Value range of the alarm set: off 2.7 V 
Alarm set range (V)


Battery Input

1S-8S Battery

Battery Type


Cell voltage display range(V)


Height (mm)


Length (mm)


Pack voltage display range(V)


Weight (gm)


Width (mm)


Shipment Weight

0.085 kg

Shipment Dimensions

5 × 4 × 3 cm


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