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Load image into Gallery viewer, Sharp Infrared Proximity Sensor (20-150cm)
Load image into Gallery viewer, Sharp Infrared Proximity Sensor (20-150cm)

Sharp Infrared Proximity Sensor (20-150cm)

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Infrared proximity sensor made by Sharp. GP2Y0A02YK0F has an analog output that varies from 2.8V at 15cm to 0.4V at 150cm with a supply voltage between 4.5 and 5.5VDC. The sensor has a Japanese Solderless Terminal (JST) Connector. We recommend purchasing the related pigtail below or soldering wires directly to the back of the module.

This sensor is great for sensing objects up to 5 feet away!

It consists of three parts: PSD (position sensitive detector) and IRED (infrared emitting diode) and signal processing circuit. Due to the triangulation method, the material of the measured object, the ambient temperature and the measurement time do not affect the measurement accuracy of the sensor. The sensor output voltage value corresponds to the detected distance. By measuring the voltage value, the distance of the detected object can be obtained, so this sensor can be used for distance measurement, obstacle avoidance and the like.


  • Supply voltage: 4.5 to 5.5 V
  • Power consumption: nominal 33 mA
  • Packing size: 29.5 × 13 × 21.6 mm
  • Distance measurement range: 20 to 150 cm
  • Signal output type: voltage analog signal
  • Based on the principle of triangulation
  • Output is inversely proportional to distance
  • Analog output, requires microcontroller control with AD converter
  • The higher the AD number, the more accurate the distance measurement effect, and the 10-bit AD can reach 0.1cm.