YIHUA 3010D 30V 300W DC Power Supply

SKU: ELC5069
₹ 12,699.99 ₹ 17,999.99 -30% OFF

YIHUA 3010D 30V 300W DC Power Supply

SKU: ELC5069
₹ 12,699.99 ₹ 17,999.99 -30% OFF

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YIHUA-3010D 30V DC Power Supply

As a single output precision DC power unit, YIHUA-3010D DC power supply offers output voltage and current that are continuously adjustable within the rated range. It has a dual digital display screen for independently showing the output voltage and output current. This power device has multiple functions, for instance, current limiting, voltage declining, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, etc. Therefore, it is applicable for production lines, maintenance, debugging, or used in laboratories and other places. Our YIHUA-3010D DC power supply is the essential instrument of the communications industry.

General Information
Rated Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Whole Machine Power 380W
Working Condition 0 ~ 40 ℃ relative humidity < 80 %
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 80 ℃ relative humidity < 80 %
Dimensions 255*130*150mm
Weight 7.6KG
Output Voltage 0 ~ 30V, adjustable
Output Current 0 ~ 10A adjustable. (more than 0.2A can be Limit current regulation)
Output Power 300W
Source Effect 1mV
Loading Effect ≤0.33%
Ripple and Noise ≤3mVrms (5Hz ~ 1MHz) / ≤3mArms
Measurement Accuracy 0.1V/0.1A/1mA
Protected Mode Over current, short circuit, over temperature protection
Cooling Method Air cooling

Constant Voltage Constant Current (CV / CC) Principles
In the mode of constant voltage constant current, YIHUA-3010D DC power supply can be automatically converted. Its status is determined by the result of the comparison between the load current and the limited current value.

1. Constant Voltage Mode (CV)
When the current value is smaller than the set output limited current value, the power supply unit will work in constant voltage mode. Under such condition, the front panel constant voltage indicator lights up. The output voltage will be controlled to be the same as the set value. Meanwhile, the current will change as the load changes.

2. Constant Current Mode (CC)
The device will work in constant current mode when the current value exceeds the limit value of the output current. Additionally, the front panel constant current indicator lights up, and the output current value will be controlled within the set value. For avoiding the overloading of the limited output power, the output voltage will be lower than the set value. Once the output current is lower than the set value, the YIHUA-3010D DC power supply will automatically be converted to constant current work status.

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