US-100 Ultrasonic Sensor Module

SKU: ELC1064
₹ 459.99 ₹ 610.00 -25% OFF

US-100 Ultrasonic Sensor Module

SKU: ELC1064
₹ 459.99 ₹ 610.00 -25% OFF

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This module is improved, the module itself has temperature compensation, the accuracy of the highest module now clean out treasure, absolute stable, economical, practical. A control mouth hair a 10 US above the high level, can wait for high level output receiver mouth. A has an output can open timer time, when the mouth into a low power can be read at ordinary times timer values, where you for the ranging time, can calculate the distance. This will continue the cycle, can reach you move measurement value. US-100 ultrasonic ranging module can realize 2 cm ~ 4.5 m non-contact ranging function, with a 2.4 ~ 5.5 V of wide voltage input range, static power consumption less than 2 mA, bring their own temperature sensor calibration on the ranging results, and has GPIO, serial ports and so on many kinds of communication mode, inside take watchdog, stable and reliable. UART mode serial interface configuration 9600 baud rate, starting a one, and stop bits a, data bits, eight, and white parity checking, no flow control.

  • DC5V
  • static current: less than 2 mA
  • level output: high 5 V
  • level output: bottom 0 V
  • induction Angle: no more than 15 degrees
  • detection range: 2 cm-450 cm
  • high precision: up to 1 mm




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