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TSL2591 High Dynamic Range Digital Light Sensor

₹ 895.00
Soldered Pins

The TSL2591 light sensor module features a very high-range digital light sensor - ideal for a variety of use scenarios. Compared to conventional photoresistors, the TSL2591 light sensor allows the calculation of the exact illuminance in Lux and can be configured for use in the measurement range from 188 μLux to 88,000 lux. The module has both an IR sensor and one that captures the entire light spectrum. The diodes can be controlled separately, which makes it possible to measure the infrared component, the entire spectrum or only the visible part. The sensor is controlled via I2C. Since the sensor already has an integrated A / D converter, the sensor can also be used by microcontrollers that do not have an analog input and can be used, for example. also drive from the Raspberry Pi. Please note that the 7-bit I2C address of the sensor (0x29) can not be changed in contrast to the predecessor TSL2561. The board has a voltage regulator and can be operated with 3.3V - 5.0V. The enclosed pin header can be soldered on demand.





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