SIM900A 1800/1900 MHz Wireless Extension Module GSM GPRS Board

SKU: ELC8006
₹ 929.99 ₹ 1,600.00 -42% OFF

SIM900A 1800/1900 MHz Wireless Extension Module GSM GPRS Board

SKU: ELC8006
₹ 929.99 ₹ 1,600.00 -42% OFF

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Description Reviews
  • On board two power supply interface VCC5 5 V VCC4 interface 3.5 power supply. 4.5 V optional power supply of envelope that (default) and control to start
  • On board SMA (default) and IPXmini antenna interface SIM900A reserved interface reset?
  • The size of the module is 49 * 50, all the new and original device.
  • The computer can provide the power supply of the USB debugging module of the computer,
  • A large amount of data under the recommended current condition more than 1 A.
  • Dozens of waiting MA data can be configured to provide
  • Rest, rest of 10 ma of low power. Support 2, 3.4G mobile phone card.
  • Serial port circuit: compatible with 3.3 V single-chip microcomputer
  • Microcomputer with single chip TTL serial port support3.3 and 5 V.
  • The circuit SIM card to increase the SMF05C ESD chip
  • Antenna circuit: guarantees a short and straight, to guarantee the strength of the signal.
  • PCB screen printing brand: each interface, practical development twice,
  • The SIM900 / hardware is completely still in the design when the manual design
  • Two power supply interface: VCC5 5 V DC above 1A!
  • The power supply of the 5 V computer can be the first USB in the computer.
  • Largest DC long data circuit recommended 5V1A.
  • VCC4 3.5. 4.5 V Ibid power supply suitable for lithium battery
  • Control Pin all cables.
  • A TTL level, compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V.
  • The interface of two antennas, the straight head SMA predetermined, the connector for the IPXmini antenna.
  • A form of speech interface, the way it exchanges the microphone.
  • The control interface of each pin Description:
  • It can not be directly connected to the 232 levelSIMT SIM900A TXD TTL level
  • It can not be connected directly to the 232 levelRST-SIM900A reset
  • Active lowVCC_MCU when the SIM900A module and 5V level TTL communication
  • This pin is connected to DC 5 V;
  • When the communication level of SIM900A and 3.3V TTL ...
  • This pin is connected to DC 3.3 V.
  • VCC5 ---- DC 5 V input?
  • VCC4 ------ DC3.5--4.5 input
  • Integrated resources: serial port circuit (with protection)
  • Antenna interface circuit (SMA curve female port) SIM card circuit
  • (Flip SIM slot) 4 * 3.5 fixture hole 4pcsSIM900A serial port terminal output



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