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Rocket Altimeter

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Original price ₹ 12,000.00
Current price ₹ 9,999.00
Track launch data for up to five launches on the device, and up to 1,000 records on SD card

An instant always-ready-to-launch flight analysis tool for not just water rocketry but all forms of model rocketry. Small enough to fit most hobby rockets, and ideal for Water Rocketry 2.0, Ultimeter uses a rechargeable battery and provides 2 hours of ON time, with capability to record Peak Altitude, Top Speed, thrust time, maximum acceleration, average acceleration, coast time, time to apogee, total flight. Time, descent speed, and impact acceleration on landing.

Ultimeter is a device designed for New Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and ideal for all STEM education projects that revolve around Newton’s laws of motion. 
  • Software for advanced data analysis post flights.
  • High performance 32-bit microprocessor.
  • Nine Degrees of Freedom Inertial Measurement Unit (9DOF IMU).
  • High accuracy pressure sensor.
  • 100 G three axis accelerometers.
  • SD card data logging.
  • 100 Hz data sample rate.
  • No launch mode required.
  • Values of interest for last five flights on screen.
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