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Raspberry Pi High Quality Lens

₹ 2,195.00

A low-cost lens is available for the High-Quality Camera. This lens is suitable for basic photography. It can also be used for macro photography because it can focus on objects at very short distances. The lens is a CS-mount device, so it has a short back focus and does not need the C-CS adapter that comes with the High-Quality Camera. Rotate the lens clockwise all the way into the back focus adjustment ring.

The back focus adjustment ring should be screwed in fully for the shortest possible back-focal length. Use the back focus lock screw to make sure it does not move out of this position when adjusting the aperture or focus.

To adjust the aperture, hold the camera with the lens facing away from you. Turn the middle ring while holding the outer ring, furthest from the camera, steady. Turn clockwise to close the aperture and reduce image brightness. Turn anti-clockwise to open the aperture. Once you are happy with the light level, tighten the screw on the side of the lens to lock the aperture.

To adjust focus, hold the camera with the lens facing away from you. Hold the outer two rings of the lens; this is easier if the aperture is locked as described above. Turn the camera and the inner ring anti-clockwise relative to the two outer rings to focus on a nearby object. Turn them clockwise to focus on a distant object. You may find you need to adjust the aperture again after this.


  1. High Level of zoom for advanced applications
  2. Suitable for Distance photography
  3. Thumbscrew Adjustment for easy fitting
  4. Front and back covers for protection
  16mm Telephoto 6mm Wide Angle
Resolution 10MP 3MP
Image Format 1" 1/2"
Aperture F1.4-1.6 F1.2
Mount C CS
Field Angle 1" 44.6° * 33.6° 63°
2/3" 30.0°× 23.2°  
1/1.8" 24.7°× 18.6°  
1/2" 21.8°× 16.4°  
Back Focal Length 17.53mm 7.53mm
M. O. D 0.2m 0.2m
Dimensions φ39.00×50.00mm φ30×34mm

C Mount Lense Guide
CS Mount Lense Guide
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