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Push-Pull Solenoid

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1. Pull push type, linear motion, plunger return, DC solenoid electronmagnet.
2. DC Solenoid Electromagnet mainly used in vending machines, transport equipment, office facility household appliance, mechanical, etc.
3. Solenoids of this category work externally through pulling pushing in plunger.
4. When energized, doing work through pulling pushing in plunger joined object.

Note: Please don't power for a long time. Just about seconds!


Product Name: DC Solenoid Electromagnet
Model: JF-0530B
Rated Voltage: DC 6V/12V24V (Option)
Type: Pull Push
Rated Current: 300mA
Force& Stroke: 5N/10mm
Body Size: 30x16x15mm
Plunger Bar Size: 6x58mm
Mounting Hole Dia.: 2.5mm
Cable Length: 20cm
Material: Metal, Electronic Parts!

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