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Parachute Eject Mechanism

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Original price ₹ 8,000.00
Current price ₹ 6,599.00
Launch > Deploy > Recover > Repeat

Reusable parachute deployment for safe landings

A reliable side-release parachute release mechanism that ejects the parachute perpendicular to the rocket body. Usable with any launch system capable of launching standard soda bottle water rockets, Parachute Eject allows enthusiasts to experiment with a variety of fragile payloads and safely return them to Earth. 

With over a 75 deployments per charge, the Parachute Eject adds a new dimension to your next Rocketry Expedition.
  • Reliable tilt switch trigger system.
  • Easy to arm through the nose cone.
  • Lipo battery offering up to 100 eject triggers for every full charge.
  • Fits standard two-litre soda bottles.
  • Safely land your water rocket.
  • USB Charging.
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