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Microwave Body Radar Induction Switch Sensor

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  • Noncontact detection,moving object detecting 
  • Transmitting frequency:24GHZ,can be widely applied in business,industries,word controlling etc 
  • Provide various frequency range standards:-UK,-F.advanced low consumption PHEMT oscillator 
  • Independent transmitting and receiving route, can get the biggest gain,single channel operation 
  • High sensibility,high flexibility,low cost,operating distance:15m 
  • Not influenced by temperature,humidity,noise,air flow,dust,ray etc,adaptive to terrible environment 
  • Strong radio frequency interference resistance,stable performance,swift response,high sensibility 
  • Out put power is 5mW,does no harm to human bodies 
  • Long distance detection range:15m 
  • Small volume,easy to install 
  • Radar wave can penetrate through non metallic object,such as board,glass,plastics,fabric textile etc,unless there are concrete wall or metal board to obstruct 
  • Human beings or objects facing the sensor to move wil receive the best detection result 

  • Don't operate during the power on in case of maloperation,wrong circuit or electric shock 
  • Avoid  installing the product in exposed place to prevent damage or affecting using longevity 
  • Install the product far away from magnetic field in case of maloperation 
  • Install the product far waay from moving conductors in case of maloperation 

  • Transmitting Frequrency: min:24GHz  typ:24.125GHz max:24.25GHz 
  • Output Power:16dbm (tpy)   
  • Operating Temperature:-20--60° 
  • Operating Current: tpy:30MA, max:40MA 
  • Operating Voltage: tpy:5.5V 
  • Pulse Width: tpy:10US 
  • IF Output:-300--300MV 
  • Appearance Size:25*25*7mm






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