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JF-0530B Solenoid 12V

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Open frame style, open coil form, built-in mounting board, push pull type DC solenoid for linear actuation.

A solenoid is a type of electromagnet whose purpose is to generate controlled magnetic field. In this case, when electric current starts flowing through the wire, it produces magnetic field inside the iron core. More the number of turns of coil, more is the magnetic field produced within the wire. When the coil of the solenoid is energized with current, the core moves to increase the flux linkage by closing the air gap between the cores. The movable core is usually spring-loaded to allow the core to retract when the current is switched off.

  • Model:JF-0530B
  • Rated Voltage:DC 12V
  • Type:Pull Push
  • Rated Current:300mA
  • Force& Stroke:5N/10mm
  • Body Size:30x16x15mm
  • Plunger Bar Size:6x58mm
  • Mounting Hole Diamketer:2.5mm
  • Cable Length:20cm
  • Material:Metal, 
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