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HydroLaunch Water Rocket

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Nozzle Inserts
Threads mated with standard soda bottles, low profile detachable fin system, variable nozzle inserts and the Ultimeter Nose Cone, HydroLaunch system allows for maximum experimentation when building a water rocket. 

Use different Nozzle Inserts with diameters 8mm, 10mm and 12mm to experiment with variable thrust profiles. 

Ultimeter Nose Cone: A polyurethane nose cone weighing just 80 grams to make your water rocket aerodynamic. Specially designed to house the Ultimeter, this nose cone adds advanced capabilities to your water rocket game. 

Detachable Fin System is a low profile solution to reduce drag on your water rocket, and minimizes damage on impact. 
Rocket Launcher not included. 
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