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HIW 6F22 9V Battery pack of 2

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  • 9V First-Watt Battery , This battery is a high capacity & low cost solution for many electronic devices. It is used with its specific battery snap,The battery clip can be used to power LED's or other devices with a 9V battery.

  • It is Used For Electronic Toys, Clocks, Walkie-Talkies, Smoke Alarms, Handheld Test Equipment, Digital Instruments, Transistor Radios & General Purpose

  • 0% Mercury& 0% Cadmium . All Product Is Genuinely tested before dispatching


1) Brand: HIW, HIWAOTE
2) 6F22 size 9V carbon battery
3) Metal jacket.
4) Length: 24.5-26.5mm
5) Width: 15.5-17.5mm
6) Height: 46.5-48.5mm
7) Nominal weight: 35.5g/PC
8) Shelf life: 2 years
9) Environmentally friendly battery



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