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Load image into Gallery viewer, High-Precision AD HAT For Raspberry Pi
Load image into Gallery viewer, High-Precision AD HAT For Raspberry Pi
Load image into Gallery viewer, High-Precision AD HAT For Raspberry Pi
Load image into Gallery viewer, High-Precision AD HAT For Raspberry Pi

High-Precision AD HAT For Raspberry Pi

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High-Precision AD HAT For Raspberry Pi, ADS1263 10-Ch 32-Bit ADC

  Compatible With Raspberry Pi Series And Jetson Nano


  • Adopts ADS1263 chip, low noise, low temperature drift, 10-ch 32-bit high precision ADC (5-ch differential input), 38.4kSPS Max sampling rate
    with embedded 24-bit auxiliary ADC, internal ADC test signal, IDAC, 2.5V internal reference voltage, 8x multiplexing GPIO, PGA (32 times Max)
  • Onboard AD header input, compatible with Waveshare sensor pinout, for connecting sorts of sensor modules
  • Onboard AD screw terminal input, allows connecting analog signal and analog power supply, general purpose interface
  • Onboard control header, make it easy to control the module by other hosts in additional to Raspberry Pi
  • Three-wire RTD (resistor temperature detector) circuit, enabled by soldering 0R resistor


  • Resolution(Bits): 32
  • Input channels: 10
  • Sample rate(MAX): 38 kSPS
  • PGA Magnification (MAX): 32
  • BUS: SPI
  • Structure: Delta-Sigma
  • Input type: differential, single-end
  • Reference voltage: internal, external
  • Input voltage range (MAX): 2.5V, 5V
  • Input voltage range(MIN): -2.5V, 0V


WIKI: High-Precision_AD_HAT

Package Contains:

  1. High-Precision AD HAT x1
  2. RPi screws pack (2PCS) x1
  3. Weight: 23 grams

What Can It Do?

Enable High Precision AD Conversion Capability For Your Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano

ADS1263 Onboard

10-Ch 32-Bit High Precision ADC


AD Input Headers

For Connecting Sorts Of Analog Sensor Modules, Compatible With Waveshare Sensor Pinout

AD Input Screw Terminal

For Connecting Analog Signal And Analog Power Supply, General Purpose


What's On Board

  1. Raspberry Pi GPIO header
    for connecting Raspberry Pi
  2. AD input (screw terminal)
    general purpose
  3. AD input (header)
    for connecting sensor modules, Waveshare standard compliant
  4. Control input (header)
    allows to be controlled by other hosts
  5. Power configuration resistor
  6. RTD configuration resistor
  7. ADC ground reference configuration
    COM is used as negative input terminal on AD single-end input mode, connect it to GND or external reference voltage
  8. 7.3728M crystal
  9. Power supply section
  10. RTD section
  11. Input filtering section
  12. ADS1263
    32-bit high precision ADC, 10-ch (5-ch differential input)

Pinout Definition




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