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Heat Shrink Insulation Tube Kit

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Heat shrink is the lifeline of an engineer dealing with electronics and electrical circuits. This heat shrink comes in five different colors - red, blue, green, yellow, and the traditional black.

Each pack contains 45mm (1.8") long tubes in the following diameter (D) and quantities:

  • Yellow:
    • 80x 1.5mm
    • 20x 6.0mm
  • Green:
    • 60x 3.0mm
    • 20x 10.0mm
  • Blue:
    • 80x 2.0mm
    • 20x 10.0mm
  • Red:
    • 50x 4.0mm
    • 20x 8.0mm
  • Black:
    • 80x 2.0mm
    • 50x 4.0mm
    • 30x 5.0mm
    • 20x 10.0mm

It's a nice colorful mixed bag of heat shrink!

Heat shrink keeps your stuff all safe and kept together. Especially when wiring and soldering, use heat shrink to add mechanical strength to cables. The colors can be used to color code different wires so you know which wire is power, data, ground, analog in, etc.

Pack of 80 comes without a box and has 10 pieces of each size mentioned above. 


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