FYSETC Big Dipper Duet3 Mini 5+ Wifi Upgraded Motherboard

SKU: 3D8022
₹ 11,899.99 ₹ 14,999.99 -21% OFF

FYSETC Big Dipper Duet3 Mini 5+ Wifi Upgraded Motherboard

SKU: 3D8022
₹ 11,899.99 ₹ 14,999.99 -21% OFF

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Big Dipper is a combination of duet3 mini5 + and Mini 2 +. Its main control and pin allocation are completely consistent with mini5 +, and the firmware of mini5 + can be used directly. At the same time, the power supply and IO protection have been upgraded to a certain extent to make it safer. The switching between WiFi version and Ethernet version can be realized by replacing the module. WiFi supports external antenna.

Based on the good ecology of RRF firmware and the on-board 7-axis stepper controllers (7x TMC2209), the board can be easily configured for a variety of models, such as Voron series, multi z-axis models, dual x models, CNC, etc.

Technical Information & Manual can be found here!


  • Size: 148.5 x 87mm
  • Powerful 32 Bit Processor (ARM Cortex M4 @120Mhz)
  • Fully compatible with Duet3 Mini5+
  • Onboard 7x TMC2209 stepper motor drive
  • Input / output IO full TVs protection
  • Electrical Specifications:
    • 28V Max input Voltage
    • 12V@2A DC-DC (12V fan supply)
    • 5V@8A DC-DC (power supply for raspberry pi)
    • Two 3 3V@0.6A LDO (power supply for MCU and 3.3V peripherals respectively)
  • Two automotive fuses for hot bed input and main power input
  • Using xh2.54 connector, the functions of each interface are completely consistent with mini5 +
  • 7x PWM power MOSFET output (1 for hot bed, 2 for hot end, 4 for fan,)
  • Reprap discount smart controller compatible sockets, Exp1 and exp2. It supports monochrome displays such as 200412864.
  • UART1 raspberry PI row needle (including 5V@5A Power supply)
  • 2x4 row pin lead out for external SD card module
  • On board TF card slot
  • Type-C USB socket
  • 3 Thermistor/PT1000 inputs and support for 2 PT100 or thermocouple inputs via the optional daughterboards.
  • CAN-FD bus that supports the next generation of Duet3D expansion boards, smart tools and custom addons.
  • Set up your printer and update the firmware through the web interface.
  • All common 3D printer geometries are supported
  • Support for a wide range of Z probes including DC42’s IR Z probe and the Duet3D Smart Effector for delta printers.

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