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CAP1188 Touch & Input Sensor

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The CAP1188 is a turnkey capacitive touch controller providing a wide variety of button and proximity functionality, and making it easy for designers to add 

aesthetically pleasing, low-cost and robust touch interfaces. 
The CAP1188 also contains 8 LED drivers that offer full-on / off, variable rate blinking, dimness controls, and breathing. Each of the LED drivers may be linked to one of the sensor inputs to be actuated when a touch is detected. As well, each LED driver may be individually controlled via a host controller.

  • 8 Capacitive Touch Sensor Inputs
  • 8 LED Driver Outputs
  • Programmable sensitivity
  • Automatic recalibration
  • Individual thresholds for each button
  • Proximity Detection
  • Multiple Button Pattern Detection
  • Analog Filtering for System Noise Sources
  • Press and Hold feature for Volume-like Applications
  • Low Power Operation




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