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DC to DC Step Up Boost Converter Power Supply Module Voltage Regulator Module USB Charger DC 0.9-5V to DC 5V 600mA

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Fixed 5V Output Boost Regulator (step-up regulator) Module with standard USB Connector. Accepts Input voltage from 0.9V to upto 5V.


  • On-board CE8301 Chip
  • Input voltage: 0.9V-5V DC
  • PFM Control DC-DC Converter
  • Transfer efficiency: 96%(max)
  • With USB port
  • With working indicator light
  • with one AA battery power supply output current can be up to 200~300mA,
  • two AA batteries to the output current of 500~600mA
  • On board LED indicator that indicates if Load is connected.





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