Arduino 45 in 1 Sensor Kit

SKU: ELC1084
₹ 1,999.99 ₹ 4,195.00 -53% OFF

Arduino 45 in 1 Sensor Kit

SKU: ELC1084
₹ 1,999.99 ₹ 4,195.00 -53% OFF

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This 45 in 1 Sensor Kit is a treasure trove of exciting modules for Arduino, which can greatly boost the functionality of electronics projects.

If you’ve been eager to get extra Sensor Modules to upgrade your electronics or robotics projects, then the 45 in 1 Sensor Kit for Arduino is the motherlode of easy-to-use functionality that you’ve been looking for. Featuring an almost-excessive number of different sensors, switches, transmitters and more, all of which are compatible with the ever-common Arduino Boards, this kit is all you need to give your project eyes, ears, a voice and many more exciting features and functions.

In addition to the fantastic amount of different sensors, switches and other modules you get in this kit, an added bonus is that they are all completely Arduino compatible, offering almost plug-n-play functionality alongside Arduino libraries that can easily be found online. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve always wanted to add unique and personalised features to your Electronics, this kit is the ideal selection of modules that will open up an endless number of possibilities for your projects.


  1. 1x Soil module
  2. 1x Infrared sensor receiver module
  3. 1x Laser head sensor module
  4. 1x Temperature and humidity sensor module
  5. 1x Infrared emission sensor module
  6. 1x 5V relay module
  7. 1x Gyro Module
  8. 1x For arduino finger detect heartbeat module
  9. 1x Microphone sensitivity sensor module
  10. 1x Metal touch sensor module
  11. 1x Flame sensor module
  12. 1x 3-color LED module
  13. 1x Hunt sensor module
  14. 1x Linear magnetic Hall sensors
  15. 1x Rotary encoder modules
  16. 1x Active buzzer module
  17. 1x Magic Light Cup modules
  18. 1x Small passive buzzer module
  19. 1x Digital temperature sensor module
  20. 1x Tilt switch module
  21. 1x Analogy Holzer magnetic sensor
  22. 1x Ultrasonic module
  23. 1x Mercury opening module
  24. 1x Hall magnetic sensor module
  25. 1x RGB LED SMD module
  26. 1x For arduino Mini Reed module
  27. 1x Bicolor LED common cathode module 3MM
  28. 1x Smart car avoid obstacle sensor infrared sensor photoelectric switch
  29. 1x Key switch module
  30. 1x Photoresistor module
  31. 1x Breadboard power module
  32. 1x For arduino hit sensor module
  33. 1x Temperature sensor module
  34. 1x Vibration switch module
  35. 1x Microphone sound sensor module
  36. 1x Large reed module
  37. 1x Two-color LED module
  38. 1x Optical breaking module
  39. 1x Temperature sensor module
  40. 1x MP1584EN buck module
  41. 1x SD card reader module
  42. 1x For arduino PS2 Joystick game controller module
  43. 1x Automatically flashing LED module
  44. 1x DS1302 clock module(Without Battery)
  45. 1x Water level module

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