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AC-DC 5V 600mA 3W Isolated Switching Power Supply Module

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  • Input Volatage Range:AC 55-277V;DC 70-390W
  • No Load Power:<0.05W;max input power:3.5W
  • Output Voltage;5V;max output voltage range:4.9-5.3V or 4.8-5.2V;
  • Output Current:0-600mA;output indicator lamp 1mA red light.
  • Output power:3W;efficiency 80%
  • Output Protection:overvoltage,overcurrent,overtemperature,overpower,short circuit protection etc.
  • Applications:for zero line,live line intelligent switch,intelligent socket,equipment and instructions,other controllers etc.
  • Working temperature:-25~85℃


Solder the input and output port pin on the PCB as independent components. Solder the lead wire,and use the glue to fix. PCB slotting,directly plug it on the PCB to solder. If it is used in single live line intelligent on-off value,take off the LED and change the starting resistor will be OK;If you want to change 10M resistor into 20M,just remove the LED.




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