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4-USB Port A5268 Step Down Power Supply Converter Board

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  • Name: USB Step-down power supply
  • Material: A5268 chip and copper
  • Dimensions: 37 * 47 * 18mm
  • Current: maximum 5 A
  • All equipment for 5 v appliances within 25 w as MP3 ... MP4 ... no MP5 cell phone tablet navigation
  • Recorder vehicle travel data and a bluetooth device, can be used at the same time,
  • It is also used in the LED power supply.
  • The power is connected between the cathode and the anode, the input is completed,
  • There will be a voltage output. and with two USB outputs will be a normal job, provides 5 v standard,
  • Used for all types of electrical appliances
  • The USB jack provides standard 5 v voltage, directly. USB plug into the USB socket, then you can use it.
  • It is compatible with the A5268 chip and is the only safe and efficient one.
  • Chip Protection Mechanism A5268, the output voltage is zero.
  • Efficient and synchronous rectifier, the efficiency is up to 94% above.
  • All the copper plate and excellent performance, four USB are all made of brass.




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