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90W Adjustable Temperature Soldering Iron

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Original price ₹ 1,440.00
Current price ₹ 795.00

Product features:

  • Uses latest anti-static design with double-sided board
  • Imported heating element with great power, high stability, and rapid heating for desoldering in under a minute
  • Thermostat circuit with temperature adjustable range between 200 - 450°C (392 - 842°F)
  • Soldering iron tip compatibility with 900M series
  • 70% lower power consumption compared to ordinary soldering irons
  • Silicon tube handle is comfortable and resistant to high temperatures
  • Anti-twist on tail line to further improve safety



  • Soldering iron length: 2.5 inches (6.5 cm)
  • Cable Length: 57 inches (145 cm)
  • Soldering iron pen length: 8.3 inches (21 cm)
  • Power: 90W
Package includes:
  • 1x Temperature adjustable 90W soldering iron
  • 5x Soldering iron tips (I K B 3C 1.6D)
  • 1x Metal Soldering stand
  • 2x Fine tip tweezers (curved, straight)
  • 1x 0.6mm Soldering wire (15 grams)
  • 1x Desoldering pump
  • 1x Soldering Wax
  • 1x Cleaning brush
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