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8DOF Humanoid Biped Robot

₹ 4,995.00
  • The robot is 16.5cm high and 15cm wide, and is small and exquisite.
  • With 8 steering gears, you can easily go straight, turn, dance, swing arm and so on. The robot has 4 joints on the legs and 4 joints on the arm. This product does not have a design head.
  • We have specially provided a controller mounting bracket for you to install the controller. There is some space between the U beam and the controller. You can install your own sensor and do obstacle avoidance and other functions.
  • All using high-precision 17kg high torque digital servo, which make the movement of the robot more precise.
  • Make your robot dance, walk, slide and do interactive actions.
  • Programmable actions, this smart robot can make 50 actions.
  • Material: Alloy
  • Product detailed size: 16.5cm/6.50inch high and 15cm/5.91inch wide after splicing

Package Includes:

  • 8 Piece Multifunctional bracket
  • 2 Piece Oblique U bracket
  • 4 Piece Short U bracket
  • 4 Piece L-shaped bracket
  • 1 Piece U-beam
  • 2 Piece Bigfoot
  • 4 Piece Cup bearing assembly
  • With or without servos (select options)
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