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801S Vibration Sensor Module

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This Vibration sensor is based on the high precision vibration sensor 801S, it has 2 outputs, includes TTL and analog output, the sensitivity of TTL output can be adjusted by the on-board potentiometer, you can also read the analog output with any ADC to get the vibration condition.

  • Size: 20mm X 32mm X 11mm
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted using Potentiometer
  • The main chip: LM393, 801S
  • With the signal output instructions
  • With analog and TTL level signal output signal output
  • The output valid signal is high, the light goes out
  • Sensitivity adjustable (fine tuning)
  • Vibration detection range, non-directional
  • With mounting holes, firmware installation flexible and convenient