5.8GHz Microwave Radar Active Sensor

SKU: ELC8016
₹ 149.99 ₹ 230.00 -35% OFF

5.8GHz Microwave Radar Active Sensor

SKU: ELC8016
₹ 149.99 ₹ 230.00 -35% OFF

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It uses Doppler radar technology, with auto-sensing capabilities to control other product,High sensitivity, sensor distance, reliability, wide angle sensor,Wide supply voltage range and other characteristics. Widely used in lighting situations,anti-theft alarm situations.
  • Microwave sensors using planar antenna and receiving echo.
  • The switch is active sensors.
  • The sensors emit a high-frequency electromagnetic waves and receives their echo.
  • The sensors detect changes within echo.
  • The sensors detect tiny movement in detect range.
  • Send signal to MCU and execution instruction.
  • Signals are likely to be detected through the door, glass and thin walls.
  • It will get best probe result if person or object when moving toward the sensor.
  • This product is a strong anti-jamming capability, almost without wind, heat and other environmental factors foreign interference
  • working voltage: 3.3-20VDC
  • standby quiescent current: <3mA
  • transmit power: <2mW
  • the working environment temperature: -20°~+80°
  • Trigger: Repeat Trigger (default)
  • the output signal: TTL level; high->3.3V/Low->0V
  • detection angle: 360°(spherical) no dead ends
  • detection range: 6-9 meters (when ordering optional). The default setting 8 meters
  • the working delay: 1 second to hundreds of seconds, the default setting 30S
  • Security
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Body sensors toys
  • Industrial automation and control
  • Auto-sensing electrical equipment
  • Battery-powered automatic control



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