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4DOF arduino Robotic Arm with PS2 Controller

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This is a classic 4-DOF robots. This is an economical, powerful and easy-to-use arduino arm learning kit. it suitable for a guest space, college students, secondary school students use. Arduino UN R3 .  easy to learn to use. The control method is simple, through two ps2 joystick to control the movement of the four servo.

Product List:
  • A set of acrylic cutting pieces + screws
  • A arduino uno r3 board
  • A 5V 2A power adapter
  • 4 pcs mg90s steering gear
  • A 15mm servo extension cable
  • 5cm winding pipe
  • 1pcs handle acrylic plate
  • 2 pcs ps2 rocker
  • 10pieces 50cm Dupont line mother to mother
  • 1pcs v5 expansion board
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