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AA Battery Holder

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This 2-cell AA battery holder with wires is excellent for use in any hobby or science project. Comes with wire leads for easy hook-up. Recommended for electronics applications, for use in science fair projects and more!
  • AA cell battery holder is intended for 2 batteries
  • Wire leads are included
  • Great for use in electronics applications and small hobby projects


  • Dimensions: 3" x 2.0" x 0.4"
  • Weight (without batteries): 15g

Type:1 Cell AA Battery Holder.
Material: Metal and Plastic.
Size:56 x 16 x 13mm/2.16x0.67x0.51Inches.
Cable length: 140mm/5.51Inches.
Wire Type: 1007# 26AWG.
Rated voltage: 1.5V


Battery Holder Type: AA
Batteries Holder Capacity: 6 pcs AA batteries
Battery Holder Size: 56mm*61mm*15mm
Batteries Holder Material: plastics and metals
Plug Type: DC 2.1 (5.5mm * 2.1mm)
Cable Length: 150mm (5.9 inch)
Storage Temperature: 25℃ (77°F, Room Temperature)
Max Operate Temperature: 80℃ (176°F)

Battery type: Case Holder for 5 x AA Battery. 7.5V
AA Battery Holder Case with wire leads for soldering / connecting.
Keep your batteries organized and protected.

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