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PCB Mount Terminal Block Screw Connector (Pack of 5)

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To avoid all the loose wiring disasters in your project, use these terminal blocks whenever making PCB-to-Wire connections. These blocks are big enough for a range of wire gauges, easy to adjust with a screwdriver, and not too chunky. 

These terminal blocks are designed to 'snap' together. You can attach as many 3-pin or 2-pin ones along as you'd like to make arbitrary length of terminal block.

We sell them as a pack of 5! Each order will net you 5 pieces of connectors.

Product Features:

  • Pitch: 5 mm and 3.5mm
  • Color: Blue (5mm) and Green (3.5mm)
  • Rated value: 300 V 10 A
  • Material: plastic and copper
  • Package contains 5 pieces of connector



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