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COVID19: We are shipping all over India, regardless of lockdowns.
COVID19: We are shipping all over India, regardless of lockdowns.

17 DOF Bipedal Humanoid Robot

₹ 15,395.00

17 DOF Humanoid Robot from Robokits comes with 17 degrees of freedom joints. Its actuated using 17 Metal Gear Standard Servo (or) Servo Economy. This Humanoid Robot is controlled by ARDUINO UNO R3 BASED USB 18 SERVO CONTROLLER. It can also be controlled by PC using USB 18 Servo Controller Software. The software helps to develop the complex sequences in real time on the hardware. It also generates Arduino based code for the developed sequence which can be deployed on the controller on board thereby making the robot autonomous.

The power requirement for this robot is 5 to 6V DC 10 Amp power supply. It could be either battery or a AC power supply rated at 5-6VDC. 



• Control 18 hobby servos from PC and Microcontroller
• USB interface
• Software exports servo sequences to Arduino Uno for running servo sequences
• Independent range setting for each servo
• Independent offset, Maximum, Minimum and Direction setting for each servo
• 0.5-microsecond resolution
• 50 Hz update rate
• Small size of 80 X 47 mm
• Easy to use software
• Servo sequencer with speed, delay, goto and many other features
• Home and neutral position setting
• Easy to install USB driver and Application software
• Bluetooth interface for wireless control of robots (Optionally available)



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