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16340 Battery Shield

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Lithium Battery Model: 16340
Charging current: 500mA
Discharge current: 1000mA

1. Adapter 16340 lithium battery
2. 5V and 3.3V dual output
3. Built-in lithium battery protection IC with overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and short circuit protection
4. Built-in battery anti-reverse protection
5. The toggle switch can freely turn the output


Charging interface: Micro USB (Android port)
Charging voltage: 4.5V -5.5V
Charging current: 580mA max
Output interface: 2.5mm header and standard USB socket
5V output current: 1.3A max
3.3V output current: 1.0A max
Charging indicator: red light during charging, full green light
Product size: 60mm * 28mm * 16mm(L * W * H)

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