Our Team

Abhishek Agarwal

Founder - Visionary
Abhishek founded this venture in late 2018 as his free time project. He is an Electrical Engineer and loves to build stuff. He also runs the International Space Settlement Design Competition. Abhishek is the man behind multiple successful businesses which are not only innovative but also ahead of its time.

Pallavi Agarwal

Pallavi is the one of the founding directors of ThinkRobotics. She has a degree in Computer Animations and Commerce. Now she is all things finance as looks after the Financial and legal matters. She has worked with over 100 schools and 10,000+ students in the Indian Sub-continent  in her career of 9 years.

Gaurav Sarraf

Technology Lead
Gaurav is one of the first members of our team. He is a Computer Science Engineer and caters to most of technical matters at ThinkRobotics. He is also a Space Technology enthusiast and has worked on multiple IoT, AI and Security related projects in various renowned organizations.

Abhinav Gupta

Manager - Technical Developer 
Abhinav is also a long time  member of ThinkRobotics. He is a Masters in Electronics and Communications Engineering and has also been a Professor in some of the biggest engineering institutes. He has won couple of National level innovation contests showcasing his skills in electronics. He is currently in-charge of the daily operations, quality management and testing of products.

Vikram Verma

Senior Manager - HR
Vikram has long been a part of ThinkRobotics and its parent company. He is an ex-army personnel and a keen astronomer. He takes responsibility of all the human resources matters and also is the lead astronomy program curator at our organization.