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DC & Vibration Motors

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Low noise, low speed, high efficiency, low resistance. Widely used for DIY projects, RC planes and cars and toys Specifications Speed(RPM): 5200  Voltage(V): 6V Type: Micro Motor Construction: P...
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This is the 130-size DC motor used in the larger plastic gearmotors. It has a recommended operating voltage of 3 – 12 V; at 6 V, the no-load speed is about 11,500 RPM, the no-load current is approx...
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A little buzzing motor, for any haptic feedback project. These vibe motors are tiny discs, completely sealed up so they're easy to use and embed.Two wires are used to control/power the vibe. Simply...
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Measuring 12 mm (0.47″) in diameter, these 6V motors offer great capabilities in a small package. They are available in a range of gear ratios.  With quadrature encoders added to the micro metal ge...
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These cylindrical brushed DC gearmotors are available in a wide range of gear ratios and 12V with long-life carbon brushes (CB). All geramotors have the same 20 mm diameter body and 4 mm diameter ...
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DEWO Motors 20HS 1.8° NEMA8 2-Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor   Specifications: Model: 20HS30-0604A03-A12 Step Angle: 1.8° ± 5%  Rated Voltage: 3.9VDC Rate Current: 0.6A Phase Resistance: 6.5±10%Ω ...
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