DIY Robotic Tank Tracks DIY Robotic Tank Tracks
DIY Robotic Tank Tracks from ₹ 229.99 ₹ 299.00
These are the pack of 2 tank robot track. They are made up of high quality plastic rubber material. This is a composite material to increase strength. The tracks are designed for maximum grip and rugged usage. The tracks can be mounted on any robot which has tracks of 2.5cms or 4.5 cms width. They ensure small form factor and maximum quality. These are extremely economical and can be replaced in no time. The tracks are designed to work well on smooth and rough surfaces like grass, sand, tiles, concrete etc.. Specifications for Rubber Tracks For Robot Tank Chassis Track Crawlers Length: 21cm / 66cm Width: 2.2cm / 2.5cm Open Source design  Package Contains: Pair (Pack of 2)  Specifications for Plastic Tracks For Robot Tank Chassis Track Crawlers Length: 94.5cm - 100 links Width: 40.7mm Open Source design  Package Contains: Single Track
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6DOF Potentiometer Shield for Arduino Feedback 6DOF Potentiometer Shield for Arduino Feedback
6DOF Potentiometer Shield for Arduino Feedback from ₹ 599.99
The 6DOF Potentiometer Knob Shield for Arduino is designed to be mounted on an Arduino Uno or Mega. This shield is designed to take mechanical potentiometer knob movements to robot movements. This shield can used to control Robotic Arm from upto 6 Degrees of Freedom.  Package Includes: Shield only  No arduino included Specifications Controls steering gears. Can control upto 6 servos. Can control MG90, SG90, MG996 and MG995 Board SIze: 6.8cm * 5.3cm * 0.1cm
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3D Printed N20 Claw 3D Printed N20 Claw
3D Printed N20 Claw ₹ 1,795.00 ₹ 2,500.00
This is 4 finger 3D Printed claw. The claw can be mounted on a drone or any robotics arm. It is made up plastic and metal skeleton rods.    Specifications 3mm black acrylic plate, 6V300 to N20 motor Weight: 102g Size: 13*11.7cm N20 shaft length: 4.5cm
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Mantis Claw Robot Gripper Kit Mantis Claw Robot Gripper Kit
Mantis Claw Robot Gripper Kit ₹ 2,099.99 ₹ 2,300.00
The Mantis Claw is designed to create an excellent solution for rescue missions or lost-drone recovery. With a durable composite structure, it can pick up stuff weighing dozens of grams. No servos or motors are necessary to facilitate the grabbing action. Gravity spreads the legs out upon contact, which close when ascending away with your recovered objects! Features: Laser cut or 3D printed parts Lightweight and strong Automatically grips stuff Gravity operated mechanism without need for electromechanical action Stainless steel screws for stability Micro size for small objects weighing dozens of grams Application: Drone drop and grab. Robotic arm drop and grab.  Specifications Max. Opening Diameter: 30cm/11.8 Inch Materials: Acrylic Boards/3D printed plastic + Stainless Steel Screws Package Included: 1 x Mantis Claw Set with Screws (Unassembled)

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