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Microscopes and Magnifiers

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G1200 Digital / Electronic Microscope 1X-1200X This is a digital microscope with continuous zoom, and it has a wide range of viewing options compared to other microscopes, ranging from 1 to 1200 ti...
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Andonstar AD208 8.5" Handheld 1080P Digital Microscope This Digital Microscope has an 8.5inch LCD screen, and angle of the microscope display can be adjusted, with 10 LED lights which can be adjust...
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High Quality Pocket Microscope with premium anti-skid handle, comfortable and durable. This portable microscope is a perfect learning tool for kids to explore the micro world, and equally suitable...
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Features: Ergonomic design, with comfortable soft handling. Black PU leather case, protects the lens from scratching. Easy to carry and storage. With hard and anti-scratching feature, this qu...
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DM4 Electronic Microscope 1X-1000X Large 4.3 inch Display, allowing you to instantly see all your observations in detail and providing you a view of 720P/VGA resolution. Magnification adjustable f...
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Examine your circuits with high precision and solder even the smallest SMDs and elements without any hassle. Multifunctional HDMI Digital Microscope features Full HD, comfortable headroom, improve...