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SAMD21 M0 Mini 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0 Core for Arduino Zero

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The SAMD21 M0-Mini represents a powerful 32-bit extension of the Arduino UNO platform, but with a small size like Micro or Nano. The board is powered by Atmel's SAMD21 MCU and features a 32-bit ARM M0 core. Compatible with Arduino Zero and Arduino M0. The SAMD21 M0-Mini motherboard expands the series by offering higher performance, offers a variety of project opportunities for the device, and is an excellent educational tool for learning 32-bit application development. Zero applications range from smart IoT devices, wearable technology, high-tech automation to crazy robots. The board is supported by Atmel's SAMD21 MCU, which has a 32-bit ARM Cortex® M0 + core. One of its most important features is Atmel's Embedded Debugger (EDBG), which provides a complete debug interface that eliminates the need for additional hardware and significantly improves the ease of software debugging. EDBG also supports a virtual COM port for device and bootloader programming. 




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