eSun PLA+ / PLA Filament (1.75mm) eSun PLA+ / PLA Filament (1.75mm)
eSun PLA+ / PLA Filament (1.75mm) from ₹ 1,149.99 ₹ 1,299.00
eSun PLA+ is an upgrade to normal PLA. It is suitable for all 3D printers and can replace PLA completely. The material is made entirely from corn grain, suitable for printing of larger objects and stringing problems are from the past with PLA+. There are various benefits of the PLA+ include: Reduced risk of cracks in the 3D print Smoother surface finish, at a higher precision Hardness improved 10 times over normal PLA Stiffer, more glossy and better colored. Features Features of PLA+:eSUN High-Quality Filament: For best 3D printing filament quality always matters, but you don’t have to pay through the nose for a string of plastic! eSUN Industrial is an international leader in FDM innovative technologies and their filament is a testament to their dedication to quality and cost-effectiveness. Most PLA colors are glossy and marginally translucent. eSUN PLA+ Compatibility: PLA has a lower melting point, less shrinkage and is non-toxic; making it an ideal material for everyday 3d printing which is compatible with almost all printers in the market. Diameter Consistency: It’s important that your filament has a very constant diameter if you want to get a great looking print. Variance in filament diameter will result in poor surface quality (primarily on vertical sections) because it produces unwarranted and uncontrollable fluctuations in extrusion rates.eSUN promises that their filament has a tolerance of ±0.05mm across all of their rolls that they produce, but in reality, the quality of eSUN’s filament far exceeds their listed specifications. You can be confident that your prints will have fantastic surface uniformity and smoothness with eSUN. Colors: A major part of what sparked the popularity in eSUN is the rich and vibrant colors of their filaments. One reviewer comments about eSUN’s colors “look nice and crisp and bright”. The product and gallery pictures do show the colors looking great, but you won’t have your taste buds stimulated until you hold a beautifully printed part in your hands.Not only are eSUN’s colors refined individually, but they also have one of the largest ranges available on the market. Consistently High Quality Made from great, high-performance materials Ready to print on any open source desktop or industrial printer Deliver exceptional performance 100% bio-degradable and FDA food safety approved 10 times stronger than regular PLA on the market No wire-drawing problems, the surface of the printouts will be smoother and more delicate No cracking problem and brittle issue Low material shrinkage rate, uniform diameter Specifications Details: Brand   eSun  Material  PLA+  Filament Diameter (mm) 1.75 Filament Weight and Length  1KG / 333 Meters Melt Flow Index (gm / 10 minutes) 5 (10 minutes , 2.16 KG) Diameter Accuracy (mm) +/- 0.05 mm Roundness Accuracy (mm) +/- 0.5 Color Black / Grey / Red / Yellow / Orange Spool DImensions Inner Dimensions: 50 mm Outer Dimensions: 200 mm Weight of Spool: 300 gms Width: 65mm What is the difference between PLA and PLA+?   PLA+ Regular PLA Elongation At Break 29% 5% Izod Impact Strength: 7KJ/m2 4.2KJ/m2 Elongation At Break:  PLA+ there is no wiredrawing problems, the surface of the printouts will be smoother and more delicate  Izod Impact Strength: Hence you can see the toughness of PLA+ is twice as superior than that of regular PLA. General Features: PLA+ also greatly improves the materials fracture toughness and prints much smoother with no warp or layer breakage problems. The filament is never brittle.  Printing Settings: Best Printing Temperature:200-220℃ Bed Temperature:0-70℃ Printing Speed:30~90mm/s Movement Speed :90~150mm/s Resources User Manual / CatalogueSafety Datasheet
eSun ABS Filament eSun ABS Filament
eSun ABS Filament ₹ 1,099.99
It is suitable for all 3D printers and can reABSce ABS completely. The material is made entirely from corn grain, suitable for printing of larger objects and stringing problems are from the past with ABS.Variety of colors from the eSun ABS assortments are available. Experience a smoother 3D print experience with this great material. This new ABS is tougher and demonstrates much less warping. eSun ABS directly translates to more rigid and defined structures, as the material maintains its shape better throughout the printing process. For bridges and overhangs – which are often the next trickiest aspect after first layer adhesion – ABS is substantially more lenient on the specific temperature requirements while offering a better layer adhesion. This further ensures less warping or bending during printing, even on long, thin or complex structures. Another key benefit that professional and beginner makers have noted about ABS is that it offers a very unique, beautiful finish, which is often compared to a smooth nylon appearance. These fantastic advantages, as well as improved strength and flexibility, are what makes ABS filament a good investment for all 3D makers.Established in 2002 and focused on creating a variety of filament for makers of all skill levels. Since 2007 eSUN has dedicated their research in 3D printing material to the creation of bio-degradeable polymers. From PLA to ABS and Nylon, eSUN has an entry-level filament for everyone to get started on a new journey in 3D printing. No matter what type of material your next project requires, eSUN has a filament available at a low cost for easy experimentation with new materials. Features Tougher and stronger Less warping Prints smoother & smoother printed objects Better scratch, heat and oil resistance Can be polished using acetone Can be easily colored  Maintenance tips: Please put the unprinted material in sealed bags, then place it in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture. Please insert the wire into the fixed hole of the tray when you don’t use it in case of knotting. ABS will produce a slight irritating smell, please print in a well-ventilated environment. Specifications Brand: eSun Material: ABS+ Filament Diameter (mm): 1.75 Filament Weight and Length: 1 kg/ 330 Meters Melt Flow Index (g/10min): 15(220°C/10kg) Dimensional Accuracy (mm): 170±0.1 Roundness Accuracy (mm): ±0.5 Melt Point (°C): 220 Color: Black / Cold White / Fire Engine Red / Pine Green / Magenta Recommended Extrusion Temperature: 230±10 °C Recommended Bed Temperature: 90±10 °C Bed Adhesion: Kapton Tape / Hairspray Spool Size (mm):Hub Diameter: 32Outer Diameter: 200Width Diameter: 60 Spool Dimensions:Inner diameter: 50 mmOuter diameter: 200 mmWeight of spool 300 gWidth: 65 mm Resources Filament SDSFilament TDS

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