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3D Pens & Printers

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The 3Dpen-2 3D Printing Pen is a small, light and ergonomic 3D pen. It is  easy in usage: the display shows the temperature, while the adjustment can be made with an accuracy of one degree. The 3Dp...
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The SL-300 3D pen is a handy, top-quality 3D pen that is ideal for children, creative people and 3D enthusiasts. Ergonomic design & easy use: The ergonomic design and the high quality workmans...
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The current delivery time is 1-3 weeks depending on the upgrade you choose! The ThinkRobotics MK3S+ with BondTech extruder upgrade is our latest offering in the world of 3D printers. These are the ...
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The ThinkRobotics Ender 5+ (Ender 5 Plus) with BondTech extruder upgrade and Duet3 6HC MainBoard is our latest offering in the world of upgraded 3D printers that enable 3D printing 24/7 365 days a...